Homemade First Grade

Friday, July 13, 2012

Thank you Mrs. Jones, for my first blog award.

Mrs. Jones' Junction gave me this award visit her here.

Here are the requirements for accepting this award:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you. Thank you Mrs. Jones link above.
2. Include a link to their site... see above.
3. Include the award image on your blog...Check done that
4. Include 7 random facts about yourself: (I did nine)

1) I am a first grade teacher. I was a teacher assistant for 8 years before getting a teaching job. I worked on degree while working. This is my second year as a teacher.

2) I sing and write Christian music. You can see my My Space and listen to some music here Lori Roberts My Space. Leave me some feedback on my music. I need more friends. I haven't promoted it much.

3) I have two girls ages 18 and 14. I am going to be a Nana soon. Skyler's due date is August 31st.

4) I collect nativity sets. I want to learn how to carve so I can carve one some day (in all my spare time)

5) I love to dance. We dance alot in my classroom :)

6) I have just begun running, I want to feel better and I have been walking but I really enjoy running it makes me feel good.

7) I love to what crime shows. I like both the real investigations and the drama's. I love The Closer. I am sad that this is the last season.

8) I love to shop thrift stores. I didn't get into this until I planned my daughters wedding and she wanted a rustic country theme. We decided to go look for sheets to cover hay bales at thrift shops and I fell in love. You can get some great deals at these places, plus help many needy causes.

9) I love to do Drama. I teach a drama workshop with Kindergarten and First Graders. I love it and it is so much fun.

5. Nominate 15 other blogs for this award ( I am working on this and will include them in my next post.)

6. When nominating, be sure to include a link to their site...see above.
7. Let bloggers know they have been nominated. I am leaving a comment on the most recent post on each of the 15 blogs!!